Entry types

What kinds of entries are we looking for?

We have provided a few broad examples below, to give you an idea of the kinds of projects and activities that we would love to see entered in the Premier’s Climate Change Council SA Climate Leaders Awards. This list of examples is by no means exhaustive!

We would like to see a wide range of entries from communities, regions, industry, businesses, local government and individuals. Projects or activities can be big or small.

The important thing is that your project or activity took place in South Australia and that your entry demonstrates innovation and creativity; a unique or special approach to working with others or forming partnerships; and a project or actions that has a beneficial climate change impact.

Please take a look at the Award Guidelines for further information about the entry criteria and eligibility.

Individual category:

You could be:

  • a champion in your local community or region who is spreading the word about the benefits and opportunities of climate change action and who is inspiring and mobilising others to act.
  • someone who has spear-headed change within your own organisation, in order to adapt to the impacts of climate change, manage climate risk, adopt low carbon technologies, or take measures to reduce the organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • an educator who has implemented new ways to build understanding and awareness of climate change issues and actions to address them.
  • a leadership figure and active member of a local community group who has driven the implementation of a project or activity to address climate change or build resilience to climate impacts.

Industry and business category:

You could be:

  • a peak body that has worked across your sector to provide information and to support climate change adaptation planning and action, measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or low carbon technologies.
  • a company or business that is leading in your industry and has demonstrated the benefits and opportunities in relation to climate change adaptation, emissions reduction and low carbon transition, or uptake of low carbon technologies.
  • a business that has changed its production processes in response to climate change issues or opportunities, or to meet customer expectations in relation to climate action.
  • a private sector organisation that has engaged with and collaborated with the community to support or deliver on climate change action.
  • a pioneering business or company that has developed leading technology, tools or expertise in South Australia to enable others to better adapt to the effects of climate change, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or to support South Australia’s low carbon transition.

Community and regions category:

You could be:

  • an alliance or network of two or more organisations in a geographic region that has implemented a project or activity to support an innovative or pioneering approach to regional-level adaptation, low carbon transition or building community awareness and capacity to act on climate change.
  • a non-government organisation that has demonstrated leadership and innovation in its support for vulnerable members of the community to build resilience to climate change and put in place adaptive measures.
  • a local council that has delivered a project to engage with or build awareness within a particular sector of the community in relation to climate change preparedness, energy use or energy efficiency, or the opportunities of climate change action.
  • a school that has implemented a program to educate students about climate change and energy technology and to inspire hands-on action to foster students’ connection with the natural environment.
  • a community action group that has led and implemented a local community project, such as a community energy initiative, a biodiversity project, or urban greening initiative.